Can I Send Automated Texts from My Phone?

"YES, you can send automated texts from your phone, but not without a 3rd party app."

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YES, you can send automated texts from your phone, but not without a 3rd party app.

Here’s how it works.

When you first buy a phone, it doesn’t allow automated texting. If you want to send someone a message, you have to type it and manually hit the send button. You can’t schedule a message for later or automate a text that instantly sends to new contacts.

That can be a serious limitation for entrepreneurs and small sales teams—manually typing and sending follow-up messages to leads and clients over and over again is a drain on time and resources.

The solution? Download an app that allows you to automate your texts.

But there are a few things to consider before you choose an SMS marketing service…

  • You’ll get a new phone number. Any messages you send or receive with the marketing service will be with your new business number. It’s sometimes possible to transfer your existing number to an SMS marketing service, but it will no longer work on your main device. So if you’re ready to start automating texts, be prepared to inform your clients that you have a new number and choose an app that can manage all of your outreach needs
  • Not all apps are created equal. Some SMS marketing services are great at sending automated out-of-office messages. Others can send texts to 100,000 people all at once. Find a service that checks as many of your boxes as possible. Otherwise, you’ll end up with multiple apps, a handful of phone numbers, and dozens of confused leads and clients.
  • Simplicity is key. If you’re like most entrepreneurs and sales people, you’re focused on one thing—increasing your revenue and growing your business. You need a marketing system that moves you towards that goal without bogging you down in details. The more similar the app is to your native messaging system, the better!

PowrLine checks all of these boxes for your business.

It recreates the experience of calling and texting, but with powerful automation and CRM capabilities. Simply add or import your contacts, assign them to a pipeline, and watch as PowrLine sends your pre-made follow-up texts for you.

So can you send automated messages from your phone? With an app, the answer is YES. Just be sure you choose an app that manages all your texting automation in one, easy-to-use place. 

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