How to Dominate the Roofing Offseason

"Discover how to transform your roofing business during your offseasons. Enhance skills and prepare for future growth with these proven strategies."

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How to dominate the roofing offseason 2

The offseason can be a nightmare for roofers.

Here’s how to turn into a goldmine instead

Mother Earth sure makes it tough for roofers to stay profitable. The dog days of summer or the depths of winter come along and sales tank. It’s natural for roofers to act like grizzly bears. They hope they’ve earned enough to make it until the weather gets better. Then, they’ll emerge from their hibernation a little scruffy but ready to sell.

Some scrounge around for whatever jobs they can find. They rarely make money, but at least they stay busy, right?

But what if we flipped the script? Forget scraping by with unprofitable projects. Forget hibernating until the sun comes out. Here’s how you can turn winter into a time of growth for your business.

Understanding Seasonality in Roofing

Someone once asked a veteran roofer how to beat seasonality. Their response?

“Wait until it gets warm again.”

With few exceptions, winter slows down roofing work. If you’re in Minnesota or Maine, harsh weather puts projects on ice. Imagine trying to nail down shingles while battling a snowstorm. Not fun, right?

Even states like Tennessee and Georgia feel the slowdown. Sure, there’s no snow, but temperatures still fall below freezing. And rain puts a damper on sales, too. Unless you’re in Southern California, Arizona, Miami, or a similar climate, the leads dry up.

So the first step here is acceptance. Unless you live in the tropics, Q1 will be your worst quarter. All the ad spend and doorknocking in the world won’t change that.

Many roofing businesses take on any available project in winter to keep teams busy. It seems like a good idea. But it often leads to low-profit jobs that waste time and resources. Imagine saying yes to a tiny repair job that pays peanuts just to keep your crew busy, Then a big storm hits. It doesn’t take too long before you’re bleeding cash. Your time would’ve been better spent in front of a slot machine.

It’s like filling up on appetizers before a big meal—you’re busy eating, but you’re missing out on the main course. 

Strategic Use of Downtime

You’ve got to approach the offseason like an athlete.

This isn’t your time to win a championship. Instead, see winter as a chance to enhance your business. Focus on system evaluations, marketing tweaks, rebranding, and tech upgrades. Streamline operations, improve your online presence, and invest in better tools. You’re not playing games. But you’re getting stronger, faster, and smarter for when the busy season returns.

Here are a few key upgrades you can make in your downtime!

Review Your System

Write down your entire business process from end to end. Start with finding leads and end with getting a Google Review. What worked this past season for your business? What didn’t? Highlight those sections of your system. That’s where you’ll zoom in.

Speaking from experience, here are the most common pitfalls…

Your Tech Just Didn’t Work

You’re a roofer, not a coder. It’s no wonder that all these CRMs and ERPs and STDs and whatever else get confusing.

Your offseason is your chance to see if software is wasting your money. What’s your return on investment for your CRM? Did you even open it this season? Did it even close a sale? Or maybe you’ve had it up to here with your accounting software. Now’s the time to look at the numbers and research alternatives.

It’s also your time to get new software that puts out fires in your business. For example, automation software can handle scheduling, invoicing, and customer follow-ups. That frees up time for strategic tasks. Bonus points if it’s your CRM that automates all that for you.

Not sure how to decide if the software is or isn’t working? Here are two simple tests…

When was the last time you actually used it?


When was the last time it did what you wanted on the first try?

Your answers will give you clues into what’s working and what’s not.

Your Sales Team Didn’t Deliver

When exactly do leads leave your funnel? Look at your sales process from lead generation to closing. Do your sales reps struggle with follow-ups? Are they armed with the right tools and scripts to convert leads into customers?

The off-season is the perfect time to train your team, refine your pitch, and ensure everyone is on the same page. Consider role-playing scenarios. Have your team write out ever objection that killed a sale. Then, workshop in real-time on how to overcome those objections.

Again, tech can help. If follow-up is drag point, look into software to automate those texts and emails. The difference in close rate might surprise you!

Your Marketing Didn’t Hit

The offseason is perfect for reviewing your marketing performance. Did your last social media campaign hit the mark or fall flat? Update your website and plan targeted ads. Planning those out beforehand can make the difference once business picks up again

Considering a rebrand? Now’s the time. A fresh look can set you apart from competitors and attract new clients. Think about how a new logo or a revamped website could make your business look like the top dog in the roofing yard.

Now’s also the time to update your Google My Business page. Got pictures from jobs? Upload them. Got happy customers? Ask them for reviews. Anything to make you a top choice once the season begins. You can also ask for testimonial videos to share on your socials. Even simple before and after photos will do!

It’s also worth reviewing your marketing budget. How much did that TV spot cost you? Do you know how much it actually earned? Keep paying for it if you know if turned a profit. If not, it might be time to reconsider your marketing channels.

PRO-TIP: Pro-Tip: Bump Up Your Community Engagement in the Offseason

Even when you’re not actively seeking jobs, you can still get in front of potential leads.

Sponsor Local Events. Take advantage of community events that continue through the offseason. Sponsor a little league team, a BBQ, or festival.

Volunteer for Local Causes. Get your team involved in community service. Whether it’s helping in local food drives or charity construction jobs, show your company cares. Plus, it gives your team a chance to bond and builds a positive reputation for your business.

Send a Card. Send holiday cards or small gifts to leads and past clients. A thoughtful gesture can leave a lasting impression and reinforce your relationships.

Long-Term Benefits of Off-Season Optimization

Using the off-season for improvements brings peace of mind. It sets you up for a stronger season. Here’s how…

Building a Stronger Brand

A solid brand makes you a trusted name in roofing, creating loyal customers. Trust builds sales. Imagine your business becoming a key part of your community. When peak season comes, your business will be top-of-mind. and trusted

Increasing Efficiency

What if instead of putting out fires, your business just worked? That’s what the offseason can do. No more running around like a chicken with your head cut off. You’ve already laid the foundation to close more sales with less effort.

And that equals…

More profit.

More sales at lower cost means more money for your business. That’s fuel you can use to grow and expand even more in the future!


The off-season doesn’t have to be slow. With the right strategies, it can be a time of growth. Start planning now to make the most of it and keep your roofing business thriving year-round. Dial in today. Earn more in the future.

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