PowrLine Now Integrates With JobNimbus

"PowrLine now integrates with JobNimbus. Automatically sync contact information across both platforms in real time."

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PowrLine users have been integrating JobNimbus and PowrLine for months using Zapier, but we now have a native integration which is much easier to set up and maintain. This new integrations syncs contact information between PowrLine and JobNimbus, keeping contacts on both platforms connected and updated in real time.

In addition to keeping contact information synced, the new integrations allows PowrLine users to import contacts from JobNimbus in bulk. This enables new PowrLine/JobNimbus users to quickly populate PowrLine with their contacts and put it to work following up on old quotes and requesting reviews from past customers.

The JobNimbus importer also imports contacts’ historic activity from JobNimbus into the PowrLine activity hub for each contact. This eases the transition to relying on PowrLine for tracking communication activity.

Powrline 9. 24. 21 1 roofing followup

While there is plenty of application for the more production focused activities tracked in JobNimbus, most PowrLine/JobNimbus users prefer to rely on PowrLine to track communication with prospects and customers since it is mostly done automatically.

The new JobNimbus integration can be found on the Integrations page. Simply enter an API key, add the PowrLine webhook to JobNimbus, and enable the integration to start syncing data and importing contacts.

Reach out to support if you need any assistance or have questions.

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