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"With our new templates, generic automation sequences can be generated in just a few seconds and quickly customized for each company."

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As we prepare to ramp up our sales efforts, we’ve starting thinking more about the time required to onboard new users. Until now, automations needed to be set up from scratch for each new company. With our new templates, generic automation sequences can be generated in just a few seconds and quickly customized for each company. This not only makes setting up and customizing PowrLine easier for our users, but also cuts 1-2 hours off the time it would have previously taken our team to initially onboard them.

We launched this new feature with 3 generic templates: Lead Nurture, Follow-up Drip, and Review Generation. These are the three automation sequences that have provided to the most value to our pilot users up to this point.

  • Lead Nurture: Initial touchpoint when a new lead enters the pipeline and/or schedules an appointment with the user. This usually just consists of a single text and email that introduces the lead to their sales rep and opens the door for any questions before meeting in-person.
  • Follow-Up Drip: This is the heavy hitter of sales automations, and where PowrLine really shines. Our template provides a series of 22 automated follow-up messages via email and text, written by professional sales copywriters, candenced out over a 12-month period. Users drop leads into the Follow-up Drip after delivering an estimate, and can completely forget about them until the lead responds to the automations.
  • Review Generation: This sequence is designed to be used after a lead has become a customer, their project is complete, and they’ve paid their invoice. It is a series of 10 messages sent via email and text, spaced out over a 2 week period, requesting that the customer leave a review for the contractor on the review website of their choosing.

These three templates are currently only available in a generic format that can be customized for any home service company. We plan to add sub-sector specific templates for roofers, landscapers, and arborists in the near future.

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