Why Small Businesses Are Adopting Sales Automation

"63% of all marketers are using some type of sales automation, and 40% of those who haven’t adopted plan to do so soon."

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It’s simple—small businesses are adopting sales automation in droves.

63% of all marketers are using some type of sales automation, and 40% of those who haven’t adopted plan to do so soon.¹ It’s easy to see why…

  • 76% of marketers who implement automation see a positive ROI within a year
  • 80% of marketers report an increase in leads due to automation
  • 77% of marketers report an increase in conversions due to automation¹

That translates to more clients, more revenue, and more resources you can devote towards growth.

For small business owners, sales automation effortlessly manages one of the frustrating elements of entrepreneurship—the constant texting, emailing, and onboarding prospects and clients. Less repetitive drudgery, more leading your business!

Entrepreneurs are more than aware of the fact that sales automation is increasingly a make or break service for their businesses. They know they’re behind the 8-ball and need to up their automation game, ASAP.

But… why? Why does automating the sales process yield such stellar results?

First, small business owners tend to struggle transitioning from solopreneur to a team. Good sales automation can help increase their revenue and free up time to actually run their business. They can start to feel like entrepreneurs again instead of full time salespeople.

Two, it gives your sales team–and you–a critical advantage in today’s market. Large companies tend to scoop up talented sales people with salaries, commissions, and benefits that most small businesses simply can’t match. Automation platforms not only take the hassle out of their process, it also empowers them to earn more. And the more they earn, the more likely they are to stay.

Third, customers are increasingly at peace with receiving automated marketing materials. In the past, customers might become offended if they realized communication was automated. But now, as long as the messages are relevant and helpful and they know they can easily contact a real person, the majority of customers have adapted to interacting with automated content.

So it’s simple—automate your sales, grow your revenue, focus on your business.

What’s not-so-simple? Finding the automation tool for you.

With email, small businesses have to sift through dozens of marketing platforms, each with strengths and weaknesses. It’s a vast market that entrepreneurs will have to thoroughly research before they can make a wise choice.

Business phone platforms, however, are the wild west of sales automation. There are far fewer tools for phone-based follow up like texting or voice calling. 

That’s where PowrLine comes into play. It’s a business phone line designed specifically for small business owners that can automate repetitive texts. That means no more typing out the same old “thank you for your business” or “let’s connect” text over and over again. Simply add contacts to the right pipeline, and let the system send the right message at the perfect time!

Is it time to automate your sales process?


¹ https://funneloverload.com/marketing-automation-statistics/

² https://review42.com/resources/marketing-automation-statistics/

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