For roofers frustrated by thousands of Chrome tabs...

Give Me 45 Minutes And I'll Show You an Easier Way to Make More Sales

See for yourself why pro roofers use ProLine Roofing CRM to send quotes, automate follow up, request referrals, and way more.

Heads up: ProLine isn't for every roofer.

ProLine isn’t for you if …

  1. You look at your calendar and think “Gee, how should I spend all my free time?
  2. You look at your company books and think “Gee, how should I spend all my spare cash?
  3. You look at your phone and think “Gee, I wish people would text me more!
  4. You look your CRM and think “Gee, this just makes sense!

If this sounds like you, close out of this page. Then, email I want to learn your secrets.

But if you’re like most roofers, you need more time. You need more sales. And you need a CRM that doesn’t take a thousand Chrome tabs and a masters degree to work.

What if I told you ProLine could make all those a reality for you?

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Look, I get it if you just threw up in your mouth a little. Lots of CRMs claim to be “one-stop-shops.” Few deliver. Maybe you’ve been burned by false promises and data hostage takers.

Honestly, good on you for being skeptical. It means you take your business seriously.

So don’t take it from me. Here’s what roofers just like you have to say about ProLine…

See for yourself why ProLine has changed their businesses... and their lives.


At it’s core, ProLine built for communication. Every feature you’ll see during the demo has one purpose — to make staying in front of your leads as easy as possible.

That’s because ProLine to solve one roofers problem. John DeLaurier of Peach State Roofing spent more time texting and calling sales reps and leads than he did roofing.

In fact, getting more leads just about levelled his business. He couldn’t send emails or texts to close deals.

Over time, we’ve added more features as our customers request them. But communication is the heart of ProLine.

Now, your demo will cover more than that for sure. You’ll discover our calendar. You’ll discover our pipelines. You’ll discover our project management features.

But everything serves communication. It’s all designed to help you respond to leads five minutes after they opt in, get more inspection scheduled, send quotes before your competitors.

And that’s because we believe that solving your communication problem will change your life.

What if you could sell jobs while you flipped pancakes with your kids on Saturday morning?

Your business doesn’t have to feel like a train you can’t keep on the rails.

Book an 45 minute demo to see what that would look and feel like for you.

Oh, and just so you know…

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Callie Copeland, Sales Rep

Img 6454 2 roofing followup

Brett Owens, Sales Rep

One of these two will handle your demo. They’re friendly. They ask lots of questions. They listen.

And they’ve been known to tell leads to NOT get ProLine.

Again, ProLine isn’t for every roofer. And it’s bad for both of us if we pressure you into signing up for a service you don’t want or need.

So don’t get caught off guard if you do most of the talking!

You’ve read this far, you’re part of perhaps 1% of folks who visit this page. That means you either love sales copy (again, let’s talk if that’s you) or you need a CRM and you need it fast.

If you book a demo, you’re in an even smaller group, only 17.82% of our leads.

But it’s those 17.82% of leads who we believe will dominate their local markets IF they use the right tools.

We’re so confident that we offer a 30-day guarantee money back.

If ProLine doesn't close you a sale in 30 days or less, we'll give you your money back. No questions asked.

We’re looking forward to meeting you and your business!